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Our menu is designed by a leading dietitian

Neha Chandna

Food and Health is the matter of interest for most of the people today and realizing the need to create awareness and spread the right information to the society, Neha decided to extensively educate herself in the field of nutrition.
As a known fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand, She went a step ahead to certify herself as a REEBOK Aerobic instructor. She is a university topper in ‘Dietetics’ from S.V.T. In her 3 years of work experience, she has worked as a nutritionist for reputed gyms and fitness trainers and as a consultant with doctors and physiotherapists. She deals with sportsmen, individuals who are obese or victims of lifestyle issues- to name a few- diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, PCOS etc. and active/exercising sector of society. She educates and conducts seminar/workshops for corporates like banks (HDFC & Standard Chartered Bank), BPOs and MNCs on the ‘Right ways of eating and living’. She also takes workshops on Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation. Neha also writes articles for magazines and newspapers like New Woman, Beauty and salon, Hello Mumbai, the afternoon etc. She has also done a couple of interviews for TV9 channel. She is an online consultant for a health social networking website she is currently working with a US based company called Wellness Layers to prepare a diet based data for andriod application. She strongly believes that one needs to understand thier own body and food habits to bring about the required changes that last forever. No fad diets, No starvation, its just about eating the right food at the right time. This is what Neha trains you about through he Diet sessions. Your health is now in your hands.

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We are different because:

  • We are India’s first online customized tiffin service. So now you are not forced to eat the same boring menu which repeats after 7/15 days. You can design your own meal from a host of available options.
  • You can choose from 4 varieties of rice dishes, 4 varieties of vegetables, 3-4 varieties of dal, 4 varieties of salad and raitas, 8 varieties of rotis, 3-4 varieties of snacks, 4-5 varieties of sandwiches. It does not end here. You can also choose your extra accompaniments like pickles, chutneys and Papads. Every day menu is different!
  • You can order any combination as per your quantity requirements.
  • Just in case you do not want to take the pain of choosing your meals every day, we also have set meals like mini meals, big bites and jumbo feast at fixed prices. We ensure the quality as:
  • We Use rice bran oil which is high in MUFA and PUFA and low in saturated fat keep your heart fit forever.
  • We do not use of any kind of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • The food is cooked fresh and no pre cooked gravies are used.
  • Your food is machine packed in clean disposable containers. No hands are used. We also have out nutritionist Neha Chandna on our panel who can help you design a diet meal for you as per your health requirements.